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Jenny Lewis


Thornhill Primary School

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Tracey did a Behaviour Review at our school at a time when we were in need of a more consistent approach to behaviour.

She worked alongside the SLT and provided targeted support to our behaviour lead to enable her to ascertain the views from stakeholders about behaviour in school.

Tracey shared the findings of her Behaviour for Learning Walk and worked alongside our behaviour lead to formulate a plan to implement the necessary changes.

The Behaviour Review was an incredibly helpful process for our school which culminated in a revised set of rules that made behaviour expectations and the agreed responses much clearer.

The support and coaching provided to our behaviour lead was excellent and to this day we are still feeling the positive impact of the Behaviour Review Process.

I cannot recommend The Academy for Behaviour Leadership highly enough.

Emily Gazzard

Deputy Headteacher

Coldfall Primary School


Patrick Cozier


Highgate Wood Secondary School

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Tracey has worked with my behaviour lead and Deputy Head Jen Burniston for the last two years leading a complete transformation of our approach to behaviour management.

Tracey was instrumental in the way that we changed our thinking and our practice to ensure that all of our staff and students lived the values that we have as a school on a day-to-day basis. This involved supporting us with breaking down and simplifying our values into something that was both tangible and meaningful – and then translating these into specific behaviour designed to embed them into our everyday language, practice and expectations.


The focus for Jen was very much on empowering her to be able to lead rather than doing it for her.  This has built our capacity as a leadership team to go on and grow forward.

Tracey is an insightful and engaging trainer and my staff loved her.

I would fully recommend the Academy for Behaviour Leadership.

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