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Academy Modules

All academy sessions are live webinars on Wednesdays from 4.00pm - 5.30pm via Zoom

28th February 2024

From delegation

to Development

20th march 2024

Evaluating whole school Behaviour

24th April 2024

Behaviour Policy;

a journey of culture change

22nd may 2024

Understanding the

WHAT and the WHY

of Behaviour

26th June 2024

The real deal about

emotional regulation

17th July 2024

Understanding and supporting SEND students


Becoming conscious of the Unconscious

23rd october 2024

Capturing and using

behaviour data for school Improvement

27th november 2024

The 3Cs of effective

behaviour Policy

18th december 2024

Working with vulnerable

 students and Families

29th january 2025

Boys, black boys 

and Behaviour

26th February 2025

A Pedagogy of Inspiration:

Coaching tools for Leaders

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